Dennis Williams Jr. & Timothy Jones (Practical/Spiritual)

Do you have a savings account? What's the real reason to tithe? Retirement savings-what’s that all about? Can I desire financial blessings and still be in line with God? What does a healthy relationship to money look like? God calls each of us to be stewards of our resources. How you manage your finances will make or break your ability to live abundantly. It’s not how much you make, it's how well you steward what you have.

8AM --Breakfast 

​​9AM --Opening Session & Workshops

6:30PM --Comedy Show

New Beginnings Christian Fellowship

Worship & Family Life Center
19300  108th Ave SE
Kent, WA  98031

8AM & 10:30AM  --Takeover Service

1:30PM --ACME BOWL Fellowship

100 Andover Park W #100, Tukwila, WA 98188


Alanah Dillard (Practical)

Victoria Carr (Spiritual)

Do I need counseling or just more bible study? It is how we deal with life’s circumstances that determines whether or not we can truly live an abundant life. In this series we will learn how to lean on God during good and bad seasons, and discover spiritual tools necessary to manage one’s emotions and deal with one’s stresses. This workshop will also combat the stigma of seeking professional help to address life stresses (depression, relational strains, financial burdens, etc.). Life happens. Are you prepared to deal with it?


How do we retain the current young adult community and encourage them to have a role in the transition of church leadership? How do we recruit more young adults to engage in the work of disciple-making and ministry? Whether you are starting a young adult ministry, growing a young adult ministry or simply trying to see more young adults in ministry, this Leadership Track is for you.

Presenters: Anthony Hogan / Derick Harris / Pastor Braxton /

C Ivan Johnson / Brian Dolleman


There are two sides to every coin. For each of the given workshops there will be two sessions; one examining the spiritual side and the other examining the practical side of the topic. Participants are encouraged to attend both the spiritual and practical sessions of the workshops of their choosing.


FRIDAY 7/14 


Debrena Jackson Gandy (Practical)

Sean & Kimberly Goode (Spiritual)

God has called each of us to be in relationship with him and each other. As young adults, our lives can be balanced or thrown off balance depending on the relationships we nurture, neglect, reject or accept. This two-part workshop will evaluate the vertical relationships we are to have with God (Spiritual), and how that translates into how we deal with the horizontal relationships of our individual lives (Practical). Whether platonic, familial, or romantic, we all need the spiritual tools to navigate the relationships in our lives.



Erin Jones & Kela Hall (Practical)

Kathei McCoy (Spiritual)

Are you fulfilled with your career? Does your career reflect a purpose driven life? For many young adults, these types of questions have the ability to manipulate the decisions we make regarding our livelihood. Are you struggling to find your purpose? Are you frustrated in your career, is it time to make a change? Have you found your professional sweet spot?

5:30PM --Fellowship​

7:30PM -- Encounter