Each participant will have the opportunity to pick 3 workshops. All workshops will be recorded and available for review for registered participants only following the conference. 

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When you are emotionally triggered in your relationships personally and professionally, do you find yourself making things worse, rather than better? Are you quick to blame the other person or are you able to identify what’s causing you to react, rather than respond in healthy ways? Are you able to shift the conversation to one that leads to meaningful productive dialogue or does the conversation spiral out of control? In this workshop participants will learn how to identify what is underneath their strong emotions and learn strategies for engaging in difficult conversations that help to break reinforcing toxic cycles in relationships.

Caprice Hollins 

Breaking Toxic Cycles

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Are you longing to become your own boss? Are you exploring entrepreneurship as a means to monetize your passion? In this workshop we’ll discuss the facilitator’s insights after eighteen years of entrepreneurship as a real estate investor, founding pastor, custom tailor, and event venue developer. We’ll explore topics such as delayed gratification, properly funding your dream, the importance of a team, and avoiding common pitfalls.

Rev. Demetrius Davis 

Boss Moves 

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Join the publisher of Successful Black Parenting magazine and parenting author, Janice Robinson-Celeste to create an action plan that will not only support your child but support you and your entire family. Join us for an engaging workshop that examines internal and external influences that affect the success of your child (including technology, culture, social media, and so much more!), helps YOU set practical goals for YOUR child's development, and discuss appropriate discipline. "Parent" is one of the most important roles you have, as you shape the minds and character of the next generation.

Janice Robinson-Celeste

Raising Successful Children


In this workshop, we’ll debunk the idea of “forgive and forget” and discuss what it means to forgive and how to actually do it. We’ll explore biblical and theological concepts of forgiveness, and distinguish forgiveness from reconciliation and cheap grace. Finally, we’ll design personally-tailored spiritual practices that help to facilitate interpersonal forgiveness.

Rev. Monica A Coleman

Forgiving as Spiritual Practice

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This session will look to fathers and mothers of the church and how we name the realities of race, resist the dehumanizing legacies of racism, and follow Christ in ways that claim our full humanity.

Dr. Brian Bantum

Freedom Song: Following Christ in a Racialized World

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In our present world, we frequently find more people who desire to lead than to follow or serve! This statement is one that is true in both the secular world and in the church! But, can one truly be an effective leader if they do not first have a heart and a willingness to serve? In this workshop, we will explore what it means to be a servant-leader, discuss biblical characteristics of a leader, and wrestle with what does it mean to both lead and follow with integrity. Through this workshop participants will be challenged to critically evaluate themselves as leaders, servants, and followers, as well as guided through how to discern when they are being called to lead and called to serve. Additionally, participants will be invited to discuss their varied life stages as a means of understanding the value of every season and stage of life.

Rev. Shareka Newton

Bloom Where You’re Planted: Servant-Leadership As A Pathway to Leadership with Integrity 


Activists and leaders are finally emphasizing the importance of self-care as an important part of preventing burn out and sustaining energy for the calling. But spa days and time with trusted friends is only one dimension of our well-being. This workshop will discuss the connection between caring for your Soul and caring for your Self. We’ll come out with practical ways of maintaining spiritual, mental and emotional wellness.

Rev. Monica A Coleman

More than a Spa Day: Soul Care as Self Care

Emotional Intelligence is one of the fastest growing job skills organizations are seeking from potential hires. While technical skills are necessary and IQ may count for something, hiring managers all over the country are beginning to place higher value on a candidate’s level of emotional intelligence. Research is finding that your insight into your own and other people’s emotions leads to productive thinking and effective outcomes. In this workshop, participants learn what emotional intelligence is and how to explore ways to grow their own emotional intelligence.

Caprice Hollins

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders in Formal & Informal Roles

Demetrius Headshot.jpg

Does your money ever seem out of control? Despite best intentions, do you feel that there’s always barely enough? In this workshop, we’ll learn practical strategies to transform one’s mindset about money, debt, and wealth. Additionally, we’ll explore the subjects of saving, spending, and sharing one’s resources.

Rev. Demetrius Davis 

Money Moves


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